Friday, November 20, 2009

barrage of realization

It came to me about a couple of days ago but I realized something important that my game was missing. You see central to the Touhou experience is the fact that in the land of Gensokyo girls will beat each other up with shiny magic bullet formations called Danmaku at the drop of a hat (which almost all of them wear). However my game was critically lacking in combat support. This most obvious in a certain event when the option of beating up a certain character to pass the event was left out even though it was probably the course of action that most Touhou characters would probably have taken.

I plan on changing this in the next edition with support for a more vigorous combat system complete with an item based combat system.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New version

After almost three weeks of work I have come out with a new version of Gensokyo Everyday's story. This new version is expanded in several ways,
New maps, Including a workable forest of magic
New skills, Including the beginnings of the fishing system
New Items, Including the ability to fly instantly to other locations
Most importantly there is now a scenario to play Reimu other than the tutorial. This scenario as well as the game is still very incomplete. It is grounded enough that it does provide a basic framework for the rest of the game. Thus at this point I am very open to comments and constructive criticism on how to improve the game. You can download the game here http:download link

1.When do the events in the Reimu Scenario occur?
A:All but one start on a preplanned day with the latest of them beginning on day 12.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

attack of work

I have been working a lot for the past few weeks and that has been slowing down production of the game considerably. This does not mean I have stopped working on it though, as I plan to have a new and improved version ready sometime next week 16th-20th)